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Classic Car Restoration / Re-Build

This is another area where our basic services never vary.

  • No job is too big or too small.
  • We work on standard and custom vehicles (all makes and models)
  • We discuss the project with you beforehand to make sure you get exactly what you want and need

Mobile Brakes know that car restoration in Adelaide requires expertise, time and knowledge. We have all of these factors. We can fix problems with rust, we can repair, replace and match panels, we know all about colour matching and even working back to the original colours. Re-spraying is just one of our many expert services. We employ bodybuilders, spray painters, mechanics and panel beaters. We offer all the services you need for a standard or custom vehicle. And it goes without spraying that engine rebuilds are a basic part of our service.

Some customers have a special vehicle, often an older car and that want it restored or re-built. If it’s a custom re-build, you’ve reached the experts. We know all about restoring and rebuilding and because we spend a great deal of time talking over your wishes, we can guarantee your restoration will be perfect. Talk to us. Ask for a free quote. We’re only happy when you are happy. Give us a call on 0413 248 675 & (08) 8443 7900.