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    Mobile Brake Repair Adelaide

    Welcome to the home of expert motor vehicle repairs, restorations and really clean engines. The safety of your car is our highest priority and nothing has a greater priority than safe and perfectly working brakes. We are specialists in all vehicle braking systems. We regard every job as important with no job too big or too small. We offer an emergency service for those times when your car needs a mechanic at a most inconvenient time. We service all makes and models and can be contacted by phone - we have two lines - or email. Of course you can simply drop in to discuss your vehicle and its needs.

    We also offer a brilliant service in the cleaning of cars, our flushing service. Your engine can and should be expertly cleaned and our service will not only give you a great looking under the bonnet look but improve the running of your engine as a bonus. This is a major benefit for all our customers and because our facilities are the best in town, you can just how well your vehicle is serviced.


    Brakes and Disc Services

    Here at Mobile Breaks & Flushing Services, our experienced mechanics pride...

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    Car Restorations

    Need a custom re-build? Not a problem! We pride ourselves on meeting...

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    Service Centre

    We can supply a full range of services on most makes and models...

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    We offer an emergency service for those times when your car needs a mechanic at a most inconvenient time

    We work on almost every make and model of car. It will have to be something exceptional for us not ...

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    Classic Car Restorations Adelaide

    This is another area where our basic services never vary. No job is too big or too small. We work ...

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    Regular servicing of your vehicle is essential for its smooth running and longer life. A well-serviced vehicle with documentation from ...

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    Now if we put safe and sound brakes as having a top priority for your vehicle, we have to include ...

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