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Brakes and Disc Services

Imagine driving down the Southern Expressway in Adelaide when suddenly you realize your brakes are no longer working properly. This scenario is every driver’s absolute worst nightmare and serves as a reminder as to why it’s critical to have your brakes and discs properly serviced and regularly maintained by our experts at Mobile Brakes & Flushing Services in Flinders Park, Adelaide. Ensuring this regular maintenance occurs on your vehicle, and more specifically, your braking system, is the best way to keep you safe on the roads while eliminating the cost that can come with an emergency brake replacement.

At Mobile Brakes & Flushing Services, we have the knowledge and expertise to work on nearly every make and model of car. Our Adelaide brake specialists can tackle anything from a basic brake check and replacement right through to a full brake rebuild. Although our standard service is our bread and butter, if you require custom braided brake upgrades, we can confidently complete that for you as well. Plus, our Adelaide mobile brake services also cover disc and drum machining, so no matter your needs, we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your expectations thanks to our top-quality materials, industry knowledge, and expert mechanics.

You’re probably wondering: are there any makes and models our Adelaide brake specialists cannot service? Well, it would have to be one exceptional case considering that our shop is equipped to supply and fit brake pads for not only all standard situations but also custom cars. So, even if your vehicle requires a special type of brake pad, this is no issue for our Adelaide brake expert technicians.

Proudly servicing Adelaide, SA and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years, Mobile Brakes & Flushing Services is your one-stop-shop for all your Adelaide mobile brake repair and servicing needs. Contact us today!